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Academic Commons provides open, persistent access to the scholarship produced by researchers at Columbia University, Barnard College, Jewish Theological Seminary, Teachers College, and Union Theological Seminary. A nonprofit, mission-driven alternative to commercial scholarly sharing networks, Academic Commons exists to collect and preserve the digital outputs of research and scholarship produced at Columbia and its affiliate institutions and make them available to a global audience.

Why use Academic Commons to share your work?

EQUITABLE ACCESS: You want colleagues in institutions and countries that don’t have access to expensive journals to be able to find and read your work.

PUBLIC INTEREST: Your research is of potential public interest and you want to make sure it can be read outside the academy.

PRESERVATION: You want to make sure your work will continue to be discoverable, accessible, and citable at a stable URL for years to come.

REUSABILITY: You want to make your educational materials, research, or data available for reuse by other scholars. 

SCOPE: You want to paint a more complete picture of your scholarly activity by sharing presentations, white papers, code, and other research outputs.



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Kathryn Pope

Digital Repository Manager

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Digital Publishing Services

Columbia University Libraries support the creation, discovery, and dissemination of quality, open-access research in the form of journals and dynamic digital scholarship projects. 

We seek collaborations with Columbia-affiliated faculty and students who want to ask new questions, play at the borders of currently canonized fields, open new pathways of inequity, explore innovative methods, and bring new and traditionally underrpresented voices into the conversation. 

Have an online journal, podcast, or other scholarly communication project in mind? Fill out our contact form below or get in touch.

Why Publish with Columbia University Libraries?

  • Platform support and training for Open Journals Systems, WordPress, and Jekyll/Ed (minimal computing) publications
  • Web hosting
  • Journal publishing consultations: building reputation, recruiting content, creating author agreements, assigning licenses, find peer reviewers, and more
  • Preservation of open, published content in the Columbia’s research repository, Academic Commons
  • Access to publication analytics
  • Registration with general and disciplinary catalogs and indexes [e.g., WorldCat, Columbia Library’s Online Catalog (CLIO), Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)]
  • Provision of persistent, unique identifiers (e.g., DOIs) to enhance discoverability and citability of published work

Learn About Publishing

Digital Publishing Workshop 2018

The Digital Publishing Workshop is an opportunity for anyone to learn more about the publishing process, editing, digital project management, and a host of other skills in digital scholarship.

In addition to overviews of major topics in digital publishing, this workshop is designed to support members of our community who are actively editing and managing journals and other publications with practical tips on everything from choosing your editorial board to working collaboratively with authors, copyediting with consciousness, and making a splash with social media.

Publishing Partnership Requests

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Some of our current partners


Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, a student publication produced at Columbia University School of Law, publishes interdisciplinary works rooted in feminist inquiry with the aim of promoting dialogue, debate, and awareness that broadens the concept of feminism as one that critically engages multiple and varied forms of social hierarchy and power differentials and their relation to the law.

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Current Musicology is a leading journal for scholarly research on music, publishing articles and book reviews in the fields of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, and philosophy of music. The journal was founded in 1965 by graduate students at Columbia University as a semiannual review.

SX Archipelagos logo

sx archipelagos is a born-digital articulation of the Small Axe Project. It is a peer-reviewed publication platform devoted to creative exploration, debate, and critical thinking about and through digital practices in contemporary scholarly and artistic work in and on the Caribbean. The mission of sx archipelagos is to discern the ways in which the digital may enhance and transform our comprehension of the regional and diasporic Caribbean.


Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements is an open access, rigorously peer-reviewed academic journal for the publication of scientific and research findings and innovations about tremor and hyperkinetic disorders.