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Born Digital: Personal Digital Archiving Week

April 24, 25, and 26, 2012 No video available   Preserving digital information is vital in a new era in which we create personal material daily such as photographs and emails that are ‘born digital’, and thus have no physical … Read More →

Invisible College: THATCamp as Scholarly Society

Research Without Borders April 5, 2012   How are THATCamp gatherings informing collaborative work between scholars and others interested in the digital humanities?  THATCamp (or The Humanities and Technology Camp), is an open, low-cost, collaboratively planned gathering for humanists, technologists, and … Read More →

Standards and Strategies for Fair Use Decisions Inside Libraries and Universities

Half-Day Conference March 27, 2012   Columbia University Libraries, the Copyright Advisory Office, and the Scholarly Communication Program presented the half-day conference "Standards and Strategies for Fair Use Decisions Inside Libraries and Universities" on March 27, 2012. The discussion goes … Read More →

Protests, Petitions and Publishing: Widening Access to Research in 2012

Research Without Borders February 28, 2012 How can access to important research and scholarship be available to all, not just “the one percent”?  “Protests, Petitions and Publishing: Widening Access to Research in 2012” looks at how Occupy Wall Street, the … Read More →

Answers to Your Questions About Copyright and Electronic Filing

February 8 and March 6, 2012   Copyright Advisory Office director Kenneth Crews and Academic Commons manager Robert Hilliker offer advice to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) students preparing their dissertations or theses for electronic filing. Questions may … Read More →

Harnessing the Semantic Web for Scholarship

Research Without Borders November 2, 2011 The Semantic Web links data to other data via machine-readable information. Scholars from a wide variety of fields are applying semantic technologies to their research. At this event, panelists cover examples of the scholarly … Read More →

Data Management and Federal Funding: What Researchers Need to Know

Research Without Borders September 27, 2011 New requirements from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other federal agencies have brought data management and sharing into the spotlight. This trend will continue as more research sponsors, and the general public, demand … Read More →

Your Dissertation: What You Need to Know About Copyright and Electronic Filing

Open Access Week 2011 Wednesday, October 26   Students at the Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) must file their dissertations electronically, and a copy of each dissertation will be deposited in Columbia's online repository Academic Commons. This … Read More →

Beyond the Copyright Wars: Fair Use, Free Speech, and Reframing the Policy Debate

Open Access Week 2011 Thursday, October 27   VIDEO TO COME. A talk by American University Professor of Film and Media Arts Patricia Aufderheide, who is author, with Peter Jaszi, of the recent book Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put … Read More →

Defining the Digital Humanities

Research Without Borders April 6, 2011 The definition of the digital humanities, or “humanities computing,” remains contested. Digital humanities scholars are a diverse group whose work is the result of cross-pollination among humanities scholarship, computer science, and digital media. Many … Read More →