Research Data Management – Further Information & Training Opportunities

Research data management is an area in constant development. To help clarify some of the many questions swirling around it there are a number of training resources, materials, and programs offered online. This is a list aggregating some of those resources. Please note that materials originating outside of the US may present copyright issues in ways that are specific to the country of origin and are not consonant with US copyright law.

Introduction to Data Management

NISO Research Data Management Primer

The National Information Standards Organization’s introduction to, and primer on research data management. A US-centered output in terms of legal/rights issues.

The Handbook

“Being, a Complete, Illustrated Guide to Responsible Data Usage, Manners, and General Deportment”

The UK Data Archive’s “Managing and Sharing Data, 2011”

A useful and concise guide to most aspects of, you guessed it, managing and sharing your data! It offers “practical guidance for anyone working with research data.”

MANTRA Research Data Management Training

Interactive training offered by the University of Edinburgh. *Note: The rights section is specific to the UK.


DataONE Data Management Education Modules

Offers “a series of lessons covering tools and best practices for each stage in the DataONE Data Life Cycle.”

Esip Commons Data Management Short Course

Offers training courses which seek to improve the understanding of data management among data professionals of all sorts

Guide to the Fundamentals of Data Science Series from NIH BD2K

An excellent overview of the tools and techniques of data science set in the context of biomedical research, but applicable to so much more! Other events available here.

Data Collection

Data Analysis

Data Stories

Need some inspiration? or just some shared experiences? Here are some great collections of data management stories: