Born Digital: Personal Digital Archiving Week

April 24, 25, and 26, 2012
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Preserving digital information is vital in a new era in which we create personal material daily such as photographs and emails that are ‘born digital’, and thus have no physical counterparts. In order to ensure that we the Columbia community can effectively preserve our personal digital histories and advise others on how best to do the same, the Columbia University Libraries/Information Services sponsored Born Digital: Personal Digital Archiving Week at Columbia, to discuss the ever-changing formats, technologies, and techniques within digital preservation and brainstorm the challenges, strategies, and action planning that lie ahead.

Events included Jeffrey Lancaster, Emerging Technologies Coordinator, discussing New Technologies in Personal Archiving; Robert Hilliker, Digital Repository Manager, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, talking with CUL/IS staff about Personal and Research Archiving Support; and a panel discussion for CUL/IS staff on Challenges Our Patrons Face in Personal and Research Archiving.