The Scholarly Communication Program (SCP) supports the global reach and impact of research produced at Columbia University. We explore and raise awareness about new tools, initiatives, and services that may help Columbia faculty, students, and staff more effectively communicate the results of their research and scholarship. We spread the word using events, workshops, this Web site, and social media, and by engaging in innovative scholarly communication initiatives on campus and in the wider academic community.

The SCP is based at the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, which is part of Columbia University Libraries/Information Services (CUL/IS).

Columbia University Librarian and Vice President for Information Services James Neal gives an overview of scholarly communication.

Advisory Group

Members of the SCP's advisory group help set program priorities by contributing their expertise on research library collections and services, scholarly publishing, and copyright. 

  • Robert Cartolano, Associate Vice President for Digital Programs and Technology Services, CUL/IS
  • Kenneth Crews, Director, Copyright Advisory Office
  • Rebecca Kennison, Director, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship
  • Ashley Jester, Data Services Coordinator, Social Sciences Libraries
  • Konstantina Matsoukas, Head of Reference and Education Coordinator, Health Sciences Library
  • Barbara Rockenbach, Director, Humanities and History Libraries